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Soul Architect Studio is a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Interior-design, Structure Designing, landscaping & Urban Planning Company founded in 2012.

Furkan saifi is the principal architect of soul architect studio . The firm works at multiple scales and with various organizations right from private clients to corporates . This allows us to experiment and diversity our work Architectural , structural and interior projects such a luxary villas, high and residences and offices, as well as industrial, hospitality and institutional projests. The firm strives to create design thainspires , approaching each projects , regardless of size and scales , with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society.

soul architect studio founder

soul architect studio founder
Vikrant Goswami (B.Tech Civil Engg.)
(Branch Head)

About our Branch Head

Vikrant Goswami

Vikrant spent a lot of time on construction job sites - from residential to hospitals to commercial buildings. " I paired my interest in construction with my passion for drawing and set my sights on a career in construction", said Vikrant. Today he is pairing his ability to think globally and act locally. "I believe we are raising the design industry bar for our clients in several ways thanks to our global, digital highway. We are able to deliver project in context with the unique business and cultural needs in India and the surrounding region, thinking globally in terms of design and process. The bottom line: clients are able to deliver their project faster, better leaner and at the lower cost.

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